Financial domination

Whether you call it FINANCIAL DOMINATION, FINDOMME, FEMDOMME, FEMDOM or just Femme Fatale phone sex, the one thing you will call it is CONTROL.  It is your desire to be a willing victim of my seduction.  Cock ownership, Sissy outings, Cock lovers, Small dicked losers, paypigs, paypets, hypnodomme.

fem fəˈtal,ˌfem fəˈtäl/


an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.

“enchantress” temptress, seductress, siren…

Whatever your terminology, the key is the design of the seduction.  My design is to enrapture you.  Ensaring you into my web of southern ‘niceness’ and then grab you by the balls and own you.  The delicious mix of my wit, charm and easy going (at first) manner will throw you off-balance.  Only then, you will find you are addicted.

My taking your money may seem as if you’re giving…it will be that pleasurable.  After all, most men are pleasers…and pleasing me is what you want to do.  You will find I have almost endless possiblities when it comes to taking your money.






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NiteFlirt’s Sexy Kinky Candy

Welcome, glad you found me.
I have taken over 100k calls from all over the world by what seems like every type of man you can think of.  There have been old ones, the oldest was 84, and there have been young ones.  There has been so much change on the NiteFlirt platform over the years that it’s hard to describe how much.  But, one thing hasn’t changed.  NiteFlirt customers expect to get a quality phone sex operator/provider and to get the value of the price they pay.


I want that man who calls to relieve some of the pressures of life and who is basically a good and smart man who enjoys the release in the middle of a busy docket, or running his company.  I want you coming back again and again to me because you feel you’ve found someone who operates within your lifestyle standards.

I offer phone sex that’s a step above.  I look for you to want more than just moaning, a quick dirty impersonal and base call.  You are the type of man who wants his name remembered, you want to be memorable because you spend good money on good phone sex with a woman who doesn’t leave you feeling like you went slumming.  My own line is available daily till 12am est.  800-446-7102 1.99 pm all credit cards welcomed.

I started a web design company called in 2016.  Looking for a website, don’t hire someone who’s own website is a drag and drop. Get your specific URL and hosting, security and most importantly, SEO for as low as $130.

With both NiteFlirt and my own 800-446-7102 line, you get double-blind connections, 1.99 per minute and automated encrypted credit card processing.

In sum, if you are the kind of upscale gentleman who requires some intelligence and experience with your private phone time, please bookmark my page here on or add me as your favorite on NITEFLIRT

Enjoy reading EROTICA?

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Phone Sex Therapy


Call SexyKinkyCandy phone sex on

With my over 8 years of phone sex therapy experience, I promise you 2 things. I will listen to you. I will not assume what you want to speak about.
Everyone needs a place where they can be themselves and share fantasies and life experiences with no judgment. There is no need to feel ashamed of your desires, whether they be something you want to experience in real life, have experienced, or just like to masturbate to in fantasy. We all fantasize. When we were young we pretended to be super-hero’s and dressed up and put on make-up. We played house and played different roles. Why can’t we be like that as grown-ups? Are you a cross-dressing man? Are you a woman who wants to act out sexually? Let’s play.

Enjoy reading EROTICA?

tease n denial erotica kindle book female cock teaseerotica phone sex therapy female superior

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Phone sex therapy, I am here for you and have been for eight years.

Phone Sex Fantasies

I offer personal one on one therapeutic phone sex that can begin with a discussion of a personal experience and end up with a phone fantasy or role-play or vice-versa. Maybe you’ve been experiencing a new sexual arousal. Have you been thinking about homosexual sex? Is that a new thought that you want to actually experience but don’t know how? We can role play your fantasies and see if we can get to heart of it.
Being humiliated is one of the most common fetish phone sex therapies I discuss. Performing a degrading act upon a partner is actually easier for most than to verbally degrade them. Humiliation Phone Sex therapy can help relieve you of those everyday stresses. Having to be the strong Father figure, the boss, the bread winner and upright social dictates cab be overwhelming.

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

After all, you’ve been married for some time now.  You have known for quite some time that you don’t satisfy her. But, the question of how to talk to your wife about cuckolding remains.  Are you a cuckold?  Need to talk about all the complexities of the lifestyle cuckold?  I am Candy, NiteFlirt’s Cuckoldress.

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

Do you have a “hot wife” and wish that a “bull” or a BIG BLACK BULL would satisfy her?  Do you fantasize about her coming home and telling you that, ‘life has changed for you’, and you are now being CUCKOLDED? You can view my cuckold video and if it tickles your fancy, then call me.

With my 10 yrs of phone sex and cuckolding fantasy phone sex on NiteFlirt, there’s nothing you can’t share with me. A CUCKOLDED HUSBAND sometimes isn’t really a ‘submissive man’ in everyday life. You may be quite the leader among men during the day, but at night…everything changes.

Having a cuckold relationship, or a cheating wife doesn’t mean your relationship is bad either. The two of you may be very close and sweet with each other. Sensually cuckolding a man is my motto.
Why, you always get more flies with honey than vinegar.

I am the cuckold specialist you want if you are: Submissive in bed, Sissy Cuckold, Fantasy Cuckolds, Sapiosexual Cuckolds, Interracial Cuckolding, Small-Cock Cuckolds, Bi-Curious Cuckolds, Swinger Cuckolds, Cuckolds-in-Chastity, Cuckold Voyeurs, Reluctant Cuckold, BIG BLACK COCK worship cuckold, Humiliated Cuckold, or you’re just into watching and masturbating in your fantasy life.  NEED HELP TALKING about cuckold issues, questions or concerns…ask me. 

There is so much about the cuckold mentality that I never preach or demand, or ‘assume what you like’ about the cuckold lifestyle or the cuckold fantasy. I will however, sternly correct any man who calls and expects that cuckolding means:

1. That you get to pimp out your wife for your pleasure
2. That you get to make her out to be a submissive to other men
3. That it is about YOU and YOUR desire to suck cock and not ADMIT YOU’RE just a cock sucker!

But, you may like being scolded.
NiteFlirt 800-863-5478 x:0303-4762

You can register free on my own 800-446-7102 billing service here.
Create a PIN, add your credit card and if I’m available, call me now or add funds for later.

Therapy phone sex

When it comes to Therapy phone sex, many men just want someone they can share a sexy fantasy with who will facilitate their masturbation. However, there are thousands of men for whom typical phone sex calls just won’t do. That’s where phone sex therapy comes in.
When you want someone with a good mind who can ACTUALLY converse in depth about issues in marriages or feelings of homosexuality or cross-dressing+femininity or gender confusion, I am here for you.

Men in particular have a hard time opening up. As in this article from the Huffington Post can attest, there are many couples with difficulties in their sex lives.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex Therapy

Every so often, men are happy with their wives and families in general, and have to intention of leaving them but they have a distinctive fantasy or feeling that nags at them.  When you think about a sexual act or have a sexual fantasy that just won’t go away…the distraction can be obvious.

Therapy Phone Sex

That’s when calling me can help. At I understand what you need.  A good listener and often times, someone who will challenge you or help you to open up and discuss the REAL reason you are distracted.  The need to open up and masturbate or use anal plugs, or e=stim on your genitals or suck on a dildo can be exciting and refreshing.  In fact, it can actually help your marriage.

Call me today with your secrets and confessions, submissive man tendencies and cbt interests.

I am here for you and have been for 9 years.

800-446-7102 $20 for 10 mins (minimum) automated cc processing and completely private.

Pantyhose Fetishes

Inspired by real life events is this spectacular erotic entry offered by a real foot fetishist and customer.  A real foot and shoe licker! PANTYHOSE FETISHES FOOT N SHOE WORSHIP

pantyhose fetish foot n shoe worship NiteFlirt

Shh.she’ll never know Pantyhose foot n shoe

The shoes lay under his desk as Hamish worked. He tried to ignore them. He couldn’t. Not with a shoe fetish like his. “Just another glance, and then I’ll get my work finished.
He leaned down, poking his head under the surface of the desk to view the drab office carpet, the power sockets, the wires and the discarded paperclips in the semi-lit gloom. And there, amongst it all, lay her black pumps. Images of her strutting across the office in them in her blue dress and champagne pantyhose flashed through his mind and his cock grew.
Jackalyn had occupied that desk in front of him for only one short week. She left those sexy high heels on Friday evening and it was now a full week later.
Her black pumps had been discovered by Hamish’s two equally excited work mates. He bristled at the lack of respect they had shown those works of velvety, black art as they pillferred them.
A used high heel pump was a Goddess’s footprint, and should be revered and worshipped, not joked about and kicked about. When Chris announced he was going to try them on ‘for a laugh’ Hamish could barely contain himself!
NO, he wanted to yell! Those are the GODDESSES shoes and should be respected.
Suddenly, the GODDESS HERSELF walked upon the scene. ‘Oh did I leave those old black pumps under my desk? I’ll maybe get them later, but I’m getting new ones tonight anyway.’ She said, strutting off. The heels and stockings lover in Hamish stared intently as she stode off.
Hamish came in the office on Saturday morning for over-time. With his foot fetish, his love of a woman’s shoe, he grabbed those worn beautiful high heels of the office Goddess and stuffed them in his bag.
At home, Hamish hurriedly took out the shoes – and his cock. He sucked the heels tenderly. He licked the insole and tasted, to his, and his cock’s, delight, the salty and fruity foot sweat that had percolated through the nylon of her hose. It was especially tasty around the edges and his cock soon began to leak cum. He rubbed his cock all over the shoes, dabbing the pale gold insoles of each with his precum, and, being careful not to squirt on the velvet uppers, or put too much of his cum in the shoes (marks or damp might cause suspicion), came almost right away. That Sunday, again alone in the office, he returned the shoes to their rightful place.
A new foot fetish or pantyhose fetish fantasy came to mind each time she went by in those shoes:
‘Lick my feet! Suck my toes..!’
‘That’s what I like about pantyhose lovers – I can pay you with a sniff of nylon rather than money…’

But, fantasies aside, here the shoes were again, under Hamish’s very desk and apparently forgotten about, a month after he had dabbed his cock on them, dreaming about getting close to Jackalyn’s feet.
Should Hamish take the shoes? Should he wait until he’s certain they’re forgotten about? Or strike while the iron is hot and risk them being missed?

fetish phone sex with SexyKinkyCandy on NiteFlirt

The squirting pussy

Does a squirting pussy really exist?

Female ejaculation, or the ‘squirting pussy’ myth or mystery. Whether you call it a squirting pussy or the woman who does it a a squirter; it is a tantalizing subject among men. It is fascinating to men, I believe because as men do, they want someone to share their sexual fantasies and beliefs. That is why phone sex is so popular. Men want someone who they can share fetishes, fantasies, role plays and confessions with.

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When it comes to a visual medium, phone with cam phone sex can be the most intimate live experience second to having a woman in the room with you. At NiteFlirt you can have a live experience with experienced cam models of all ages, size and races. There are sexy teen looking girls, MILF cam models with their large breasts and mature wise faces. There are the in-between beautiful 30 somethings who have smokin hot bodies, good minds and whose experience and sexuality can send you into masturbation ecstasy.  See my recommendations below! Call one today!
As far squirting pussy cam models, it is not common to find one, but does a woman actually ejaculate anyway or is a squirting pussy just a male fantasy? Can women ejaculate like men?

There has been extensive research on this subject with documentation going back to the 17th century. It is not conclusive by any means. There is a consensus however. Women do not ejaculate ‘come’ as men do their semen.  When shown so ubiquitously in porn videos, it seems as though the woman is excreting ‘come’ but is it actually a diluted fluid from the urinary bladder.

A squirting pussy is a male fantasy.  This does not mean men don’t utterly enjoy watching something, no matter what it is shoot from a woman’s vagina.  It is not common which is by nature something to be seen as a spectacle.

Further proof of it’s not being any type of secretion that includes ‘come’ was the study performed by  Gary Schubach used urethral catheterization in order to separate urine from orgasmic expulsions from elsewhere in the body. Seven women claiming to have ejaculations expelled large volumes of urine through the catheter at orgasm, and *little to no other fluid.            [*Aug 2001, Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality.]

A squirting pussy is commonly thought to be a mixture of urine and some fluid surrounding the ducts and glands of the urethra.
Think about it. The clitoris is right there. The urethra is right there. The swollen glands expel liquid as the clitoris swells and orgasm ensues.
If you want to get really officious.

The distal vagina, clitoris, and urethra form an integrated entity covered superficially by the vulval skin and its epithelial features. (

The distinction is when the perineum becomes pleasurably moistened to accommodate a penis, then the muscles of an orgasm cause a contraction, thus fluid is excreted at the vaginal opening, which is commonly referred to as ‘gushing’.

Female ejaculation (as distinct from female urination during orgasm) has never been scientifically substantiated and is highly questionable, to say the least.

Some radical feminist writers, such as Sheila Jeffreys (1985) were also dismissive, claiming it as a figment of male fantasy. It is.
Does that mean it doesn’t get you off and make your eyes go wide when you see it? No. Does it mean that you can’t imagine that she’s following along your own path of sexual arousal and ‘coming’ with you? No.

Do you like to watch cam girls squirt or gush? How about having a Fem Dom humiliate you or a sexy MILF guide your masturbation?
Well, I have chosen who I think are some of the best NiteFlirt Cam Models in which you can watch and enjoy and pretend her pussy is squirting all for you.
I cannot promise you these girls squirt. I can promise you that with this HOT SELECTION OF LIVE CAM MODELS and PHONE SEX you will have a great time. And that’s not myth or mystery. Of course, you can always call me.
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This girl’s got sexy young looks, but knows what she’s doing.
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Live Cam with Metal Barbie CK
Like tiny little girls with huge fake tits?
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This dirty taboo slut LittleTabooSandy considers slut a compliment.
Call her for anything goes cam shows on LittleTabooSandyNiteflirt

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Dominant woman

When I was young, I was called cocky or too confident by some people who weren’t accustomed to a pretty girl being sure of herself.  It was their problem because all I knew was  I WASN’T GOING TO TAKE ANY BULLSHIT. I was going to be a DOMINANT WOMAN.
Call SexyKinkyCandy for phone sex on

I am dominant, intelligent and confident BUT easy to talk to.  Call me and let’s chat.

SexyKinkyCandy Dominant woman phone sex

I love letting otherwise powerful, intelligent and creative genius sit back, take a break from the mundane and be a little male submissive while I take over.  It’s my thing.  Even if it’s a sensual dominant position of strap-on play or riding your face while you make me come.  You match me intellectually and let me take your money, and you can just get just about anything you want! $$$

Now call me!

Taboo phone sex


Oh yea it’s a popular subject but rarely will anyone actually call to get off.  Are you reading stories online?  Do you think that you cannot have a safe and private TABOO FANTASY in the privacy of your own home with a professional who understands?  YOU CAN! Call me today!

Taboo Daddy Daughter fantasies are just that, fantasy.  800-446-7102


Call me at anytime to enjoy my teen voice teasing Daddy, dominating Daddy and making you cry into my panties. I will wear you out!  Get on your knees Daddy and beg your Princess to show you her pussy.  I love saying, No, Daddy, “not till you buy me a car!  I want it all.  I want everything you bought ‘her’ and I have the lush soft young skin, hight tight titi’s and young hot pussy she doesn’t have anymore.

You will let me bring my bbc (big black cock) home and fuck him right in front of you.  You will watch…you will cry and beg me to fuck him harder with my hot ass in the air.  I love fucking my Daddy’s wallet and making you jerk off while I dance around in the living room with my top off.  Yep, Daddy can play with his ‘daughter’ and feel powerless when she pouts and rubs her sweet musty panties in your face.  Everyone fantasizes.  Call me to share yours.  I’m looking forward to hearing it.

      Cuckolding fantasies, Daddy Daughter, MILF fantasies, Mommy/son, Virgin cherry popping, Homosexuals, Granny or Aunt phone sex, Glory-hole lovers, Sissy Boys


      *I don’t speak about bestiality, scat, violence, rape/abduction, snuff.


$20 for 10 minutes (minimum) and only 1.99 pm thereafter.

100% private double-blind calls.

Guided Masturbation

guided masturbation niteflirt sexykinkycandy

Listen to my voice as I instruct you, call me now. 800-446-7102

My personalized style of guided masturbation is my second most popular offering.  My soft sexy voice, sultry style and guided or instructed stroking style will make you cum so hard.  Let my soft voice guide your hand as you stroke it for me up down and around.  My advanced guided masturbation techniques are second to none. Call me today 800-446-7102

I have over 7 years of offering men phone sex with guided masturbation.  Touch it for me, stroke it slowly, pull your hand up and down until you explode!  SexyKinkyCandy can make it happen while other linger on and on with “oh baby, oh baby.

Listen to my free voice sample now,

Doesn’t that make your cock want to pop out of your pants? Ha, yes it does! I know all sorts of advanced stroking methods which I can teach you. Get the lube, dim the lights and call me. 800-446-7102 or on NiteFlirt at 800-863-5478 x:0303-4762 (SEXYKINKYCANDY) both are just 1.99 per min. My own line is on till 1am eastern. I am never on NiteFlirt late nights so call me now to enjoy my style of guided masturbation.

Pull your pants down, relax, close your eyes and I’ll take care of that. Advanced stroking techniques with my voice will make you come so hard! I’ll control your cock and tease and deny you.  Maybe, I’ll even make you taste your own cum. Ha, call me now!

Erotic Hypnosis

What a sexy way to relax and to be ‘controlled’ by a phone sex Goddess.  Many of my callers to NiteFlirt ask for hypnosis but most of them just want a rhythmic cadence and a sexy voice to lull them into a sexual frenzy.

I can do that! My cadence is usually quite slow and sexy but if and when you want REAL HYPNOSIS, YOU MUST LOAD ENOUGH FUNDS so that your trance is not interrupted. The hypnotic eye must not be disturbed. My NITEFLIRT line:800-863-5478 x:943-4603

Call Button
hypnosis, phone sex hypno hypno slave

Call my own line: 800-446-7102 so that your call is not interrupted.

How to proceed with a hypnosis phone sex call.

Allow me time to ask questions to get into the real reason you want a hypno session.  Do you want to be ‘controlled’?  That is the number #1 thing men say.  What I want to know is WHAT TYPE OF CONTROL are you seeking?  Is it to escape from your mundane work a day life?  Do you need to be physically controlled by feeling a loss of self-control?  Do you need your wallet ruined by a sexy erotic hypnotic Goddess?

I can do that too.  The key to having a satisfying hypnosis session whether you call me on NiteFlirt or my own line is TIME.  You will need (especially on NiteFlirt) to add enough time 20 minutes minimum to do a session. Let’s help you escape the humdrum of everyday life by guiding your masturbation and making you come harder than ever!

hypnosis erotic phone sex hypnosis gender tranforming hypnosis

Custom MP3 or me?

If you cannot spend that amount of time on a phone call then buy a custom MP3 from me.

Write me here or on NiteFlirt and in the subject line write, custom MP3

I will get back to you asap.  Of course, if it’s going to be a long email remit $5 for my time.

Otherwise, here are some ideas of how a hypnosis session goes on the phone.

What type of erotic hypnosis do you seek?

1.I would like to feel like I’m losing control of my body and that you Candy are taking over.

2.I would like to feel that my body is completely autonomous of my control; that you have the remote and are in control of my cock.  You are making it hard and it’s going to ejaculate without me touching it.

3.I would like to feel more feminine and girly, I want boobs, long nails and hair and want to feel like a slut.

4. I would like to transform from a boy to a girl.

Whatever, you like, as you can see there are definite ideas that you must share with me.  Please don’t say, “I just want you to control me”.  Be as specific as you can and we can have a great relationship getting you there.

You might enjoy a 10 minute sexy as hell session of masturbation encouragement.
The tone of my voice, the cadence of the recording and my hotness just may prompt you to buy a custom MP3.

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